Hagin:. The Word Of Knowledge

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Hagin:. The Word Of Knowledge

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Kenneth Hagin: The Word Of Knowledge

In the Old Testament all the gifts were in operation
except tongues with interpretation. Tongues are exclusive
with this dispensation. Old Testament prophets knew things
supernaturally. For instance, when Naaman was healed of
his leprosy, he offered Elisha silver and gold (II Kings 5).
Elisha refused his gift because he realized that Naaman was
trying to pay for his healing. It can't be purchased, however,
as it is a gift from God.

Gehazi, Elisha's servant, ran after Naaman with the
story that the two young prophets needed changes of
raiment and silver and gold, and that Elisha had said it
would be acceptable if Naaman gave this gift for them.
Gehazi was lying, of course, and took Naaman's gifts and
hid them for his own use.

When Gehazi went into the presence of the prophet and
Elisha asked him where he had been, Gehazi lied and said,
"Nowhere." Elisha said, "Went not mine heart with thee, when
the man turned again from his chariot to meet thee? ..."
That had to be a supernatural revelation. It was the
operation of the WORD of KNOWLEDGE in the office of the

Many people think that if you have this ministry you
can tell everything about everybody. But it is only as the
Lord wills. Gehazi evidently knew this as he was with the
prophet all the time. He knew that Elisha didn't know
everything all the time, and he probably thought he could
get away with his deceit.

People often write to me wanting me to tell them what's
wrong with them. However, people have to be before me,
in the service when the gift is operating. I can't just push a
button and start operating like a tape recorder. It is as the
Spirit wills and as the anointing comes on me. That's the
reason I preach about it, for then the faith of the
congregation rises, and the anointing comes upon me to
begin ministering.

If I could minister that way every night, I would do it.
At times God has had me prophesy to every single person
in the crowd, giving me a message for everyone. Where the
Spirit is in manifestation, anything can happen. But I can't
make it happen just because I want it to happen.

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